Made up of 10 distinct provinces and three unique territories, Canada offers a broad range of cultural and geographical features. In Canada, the variety of landscapes shows the diversity of the climate.

On the Canadian Shield, summers are short and warm, and winters are long and cold. Annual precipitation is abundant, allowing coniferous forests to establish and grow. On the Pacific coast, the combination of heavy rainfall and mild temperatures year round supports temperate rain forests. On the Prairies, the large number of days of sunshine affects the development of the agricultural landscape. In the Maritimes, the Atlantic Ocean moderates the climate such that winters are generally long and mild, and summers are short and cool. Finally, around the Great Lakes and alongside the St. Lawrence River as far downstream as the city of Québec, the climate is characterized by relatively warm summers and cool winters, moderated by surrounding water bodies.

Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada, Coastal Trek offers the perfect place to be challenged and to start down the path to improved health & fitness. Coastal Trek's Hiking and Fitness Program was developed with a common sense approach to fitness and nutrition - get active outdoors while fueling your body with high quality nutritionally balanced meals. This simple approach has proven to be very effective for its guests who leave feeling healthier and stronger than they have in years.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - Clinton, British Columbia
Nestled in the heart of British Columbia's spectacular Cariboo region, surrounded by magnificent mountains, boreal forests, pristine lakes, winding rivers and deeply carved mountains, this ranch is able to offer a wide range of outdoor activities from horseback riding, hiking, birding and fishing to 4 x 4 excursions and more. The air is pollution free, the spring water is crystal clear, abundant night time stars and the silence and surrounding nature is totally relaxing. The ranch features a unique Thai spa which is exotic and based on the "ancient wisdom" of traditional Thai medicine.

Spa Eastman - Eastman, Quebec
Located 1 hour from Montreal in the Eastern Townships, in the village of Eastman in Quebec. 315 acres of forests, rivers, streams, and glades criss-crossed by 15 kilometres of groomed ski and hiking trails. Surrounded by mountains (10 min drive) and lakes (5 min drive). 13 luxury rooms in the main pavilion, and 21 rooms spread throughout 7 pavilions. Our guests have the choice to go for a swim in our pond, our outdoor pool with its water cascade or to simply enjoy the indoor pool after spending time in the Hammam.

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