United States of America
The United States of America is comprised of 50 states and is situated primarily in North America. It shares land borders with Canada (to the north) and Mexico (to the south), and territorial water boundaries with Canada, Russia, the Bahamas, and numerous smaller nations. It is otherwise bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, in the west; the Arctic Ocean, in the northernmost areas; and the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea, in the eastern and southeastern areas.

The United States are divided into three distinct sections:
• Continental United States also known as "the Lower 48" and more accurately termed the conterminous, coterminous or contiguous United States
• Alaska, an exclave, which is physically connected only to Canada
• the archipelago of Hawai'i, in the central Pacific Ocean

The climate varies along with the landscape, from tropical in Hawaii and southern Florida to tundra in Alaska and atop some of the highest mountains. Most of the South experiences a subtropical humid climate with mild winters and long, hot, humid summers whereas most of the North and East experience a temperate continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Rainfall decreases markedly from the humid forests of the Eastern Great Plains to the semi-arid shortgrass prairies on the high plains abutting the Rocky Mountains. Arid deserts, including the Mojave, extend through the lowlands and valleys of the southwest, from westernmost Texas to California and northward throughout much of Nevada. Some parts of California have a Mediterranean climate. Forests line the windward mountains of the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to Alaska.

The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge - Ivins, Utah
For health, fitness and weight loss, Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa offers a unique niche. Fitness Ridge provides an affordable, calorie-controlled, structured program designed to give lasting results. Because of this regime, guests have nicknamed us a "compassionate boot camp". Through education, accountability and self awareness, we help each guest get a jumpstart to making lasting lifestyle changes. And, there is no better place to discover the inner self than amongst the majestic, healing, natural red rocks of southern Utah. This is where rejuvenation begins and everyone wins. Whether a guest's goal is to shed a couple of pounds or lose substantial weight, Fitness Ridge accommodates all fitness levels so that everyone can participate in this unforgettable experience. After a day of fitness, relax in our full service salon and spa. Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa gives ordinary people extraordinary results!

Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge - Malibu, California
The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge opened a new resort in Malibu, California, dedicated to following the same award-winning program as the first resort. The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge offers the most affordable, comprehensive health and fitness experience that focuses on exercise, healthy nutrition and education. Awarded as one of the top ten destination spas for Best Affordability, Best Fitness Program, Best Hiking, and Best for Weight Loss, guests visit The Resort from all over the world to participate in our calorie-controlled, structured program that is the exclusive weight loss destination to NBC's television show "The Biggest Loser". Achieve the results to a healthy lifestyle with our structured program of fitness activity, calorie-controlled spa cuisine, and education series. There is something for everyone with over 20 different indoor and outdoor group classes. All meals are prepared by a trained executive chef with emphasis on creativity and flavor. Guests have access to on-site licensed professionals including a registered dietitian and licensed counselor, who teach how to approach meal planning and recognize habits such as emotional and intuitive eating. You will have the tools to take home and incorporate into your new, balanced, healthy way of life.

Birdwing Spa - Litchfield, Minnesota
Birdwing's 300 acre estate is just 70 miles west of the Twin Cities. On land laced with woods, ponds, and 2.5 miles of shoreline, 15 miles of walking paths and ski trails and 35 acres of restored prairie grassland and flowers.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa - Vista, California
Nestled away on 200 private acres in Vista, just 40 miles north of San Diego, Cal-a-Vie is a health spa resort for 24 guests. With a 4 to 1 staff to guest ratio, Cal-a-Vie provides very personalized attention. Luxurious European Spa philosophies are combined with the California concepts of fitness, health and nutrition.

Canyon Ranch in Lenox - Lenox, Massachusetts
World-renowned Canyon Ranch in Lenox is located in western Massachusetts, within walking distance of the lovely town of Lenox and close to upstate New York. The stunning Berkshire Mountains and classic New England setting add to the area's captivating charm. Enjoy outdoor adventures, fitness classes, amazing cuisine, great massages and eye-opening wellness opportunities. Most importantly, a Ranch wellness team – experts in stress, heart health, nutrition, menopause and more – can assess and help enhance your health. The perennial favorite of spa lovers, this marks the 10th year a Canyon Ranch resort was recognized as world’s best in the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Poll.

Canyon Ranch in Tucson - Tucson, Arizona
In the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona, Canyon Ranch is an oasis of health, joy and vitality. The weather is ideal - 360 days of sunshine each year, remarkably dry air, and low humidity - making it easy to stay active, keep in touch with nature and smile a lot. Start a fitness program, ride a bike, have great massages, hike a canyon trail, or relax and renew your spirit. Canyon Ranch is renowned for its unsurpassed wellness professionals. Explore your health potential in an unhurried environment. Learn about bone density, sleep problems, menopause, sexuality, heart health and more. The perennial favorite of spa lovers, this marks the 10th year a Canyon Ranch resort was recognized as world’s best in the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Poll.

Copperhood Inn & Spa - Shandaken, New York
Located just two hours north of New York City in the Catskill Mountain State Park. Scenic river valley views abound, thanks to Famous Trout fishing river. The spa's 40 acre property is surrounded by miles of state park allowing nature and wildlife to invite spa guests to explore the outdoors.

Deerfield Spa - East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania
A spectacular Victorian style country inn nestled in the heart of the beautiful Poconos surrounded by mountain views and rolling hills. Enjoy the scents, sounds and colors of the season from our quaint porch and field benches. Stroll through the countryside and along the trail through our wooded area. Venture beyond and hike the nearby Appalachian Trail or visit Resica Falls, which is approximately four miles away. 90 minutes from NYC and an easy drive from New England, Philadelphia and DC.

Golden Door - Escondido, California
Inspired by ancient Japanese inns—in architecture and philosophy—Golden Door provides an unequalled level of personalized care and service to just 39 guests each week. At this retreat of timeless serenity and beauty—with Southern California’s year-round sunshine and moderate temperatures—the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit is attainable. Surrounded by 377 acres of orchards, woodlands and Zen gardens, facilities include four gyms, three pools, 20 miles of private hiking trails, three lounges, dining room, bathhouse, organic garden, labyrinth, tennis courts and boutique.

The Heartland Spa & Fitness Resort - Gilman, Illinois
Only 90 miles south of Chicago, this secluded health and fitness retreat, nestled in the heart of Illinois farm country, is isolated on a 32-acre estate with a private lake. Once a dairy farm, this experienced spa of 21 years, provides an unpretentious and nurturing environment that offers much more than meets the eye. The Heartland Spa's expert staff and sophisticated wellness program teach each guest how to make health-enriching changes through fitness, improved nutrition and stress management.

The Kerr House - Grand Rapids, Ohio
This 1880 Victorian Manor is furnished in period antiques and located in the historic village of Grand Rapids, Ohio. 1 hour south of Toledo, 1 1/2 hours S.W. of Detroit. Has towpaths for walking or hiking along the scenic Maumee River, with beautiful parks on the river. We take barge trips on a restored section of the Miami-Erie canal and are 16 miles from restored Fort Meigs from the war of 1812, 7 miles from a Butterfly Farm, 25 miles from the Toledo zoo and the Toledo Museum of Art, both highly rated.

Lake Austin Spa Resort - Austin, Texas
An award-winning destination spa nestled on 19 lakefront acres in Central Texas' legendary Hill Country. Lake Austin Spa Resort is just 30 minutes from downtown Austin and Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Open year-round, the resort offers the luxury of a world-class spa and the warmth of a best friend's lake house.

New Life Hiking Spa - Killington, Vermont
New Life Hiking Spa was founded in 1978 by fitness and nutritional expert Jimmy LeSage, M.S. Located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont at the Inn of the Six Mountains, New Life offers a challenging hiking program for all fitness levels.

The Oaks at Ojai - Ojai, California
The Oaks is nestled in the beautiful Ojai valley, just a 90 minute drive north of Los Angeles. Ojai is widely known for being an active art community, spa retreat and spiritual sanctuary, offering the services and amenities that make every visit a memorable experience. Great shopping in the unique Ojai shops. Near the Las Padres National Forest and just a 20 minute drive to the city of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean.

Red Mountain Resort - St. George, Utah
Located right outside Snow Canyon State Park and one hour from Zion National Park; 125 miles from Las Vegas International Airport (LAS), 12 miles from St. George Municipal Airport (SGU), 5 miles from golf courses, 150 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park and 280 miles from North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Regency Health Spa - Hallandale, Florida
Regency Spa is ideally located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in sunny southern Florida. The waterfront property offers a great view, endless ocean water, and miles of sandy white beaches. The weather is ideal year round

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